The subjects of the journal

1. Socio-humanitarian aspects and problems of interaction between culture and technology

  • Philosophical, cultural and aesthetic aspects of the influence of information technology on the transformation of culture in modern society
  • Sociocultural and psychological problems of cyberspace development
  • The State and citizens in the digital world
  • Informatization of science and education
  • The problems of ensuring the protection of intellectual property and the free dissemination of scientific knowledge on the web
  • Internet-Art in the Information Society

2. Science and Technology

  • Multimedia technologies
  • Virtual and augmented reality technologies
  • Information and communication technologies
  • Distributed Computing and Big Data Technologies
  • Cognitive technologies, neurointerfaces
  • Intellectual property protection technologies
  • Laser and optical technologies

3. New technologies in culture, art and humanities

  • Digital Humanities
  • The use of technology in museum activities
  • Information technologies in library activities and electronic libraries
  • Historical Computer Science
  • Computer technologies in linguistics
  • Multimedia technologies in the theatrical arts
  • Technologies for the preservation of cultural heritage

4. Creative industries and new technologies

  • The economics of creative industries
  • Management of technological projects in the field of culture
  • Technologies for the production of multimedia products
  • New technologies in exhibition activities